Wimbledon 2019 - Will it be Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer in the final?


Big game tonight - Federer and Nadal play today at Wimbledon semi finals for the first time since their epic 2008 Championship clash.

Federer, 37, has won 20 Grand Slam titles and is looking to add a ninth Wimbledon title to his record haul. Grass being his favorite surface, Federer has won more matches at Wimbledon, 100, than any player in any Grand Slam tournament. On Wednesday he beat No. 8 seed Kei Nishikori 4-6, 6-1, 6-4, 6-4 for his 100th win.

While Nadal is all set for the much-anticipated rematch by beating Sam Querrey 7-5, 6-2, 6-2 in the quarterfinals. Nadal, is just 2 Grand Slam wins behind Federer having won a record 12 French Open titles, 3 US Open titles, 2 Wimbledon titles, and one Australian Open title.

Both men have been in phenomenal form this fortnight. Could Roger Federer reclaim his dominance on grass? Or Will Nadal continue his winning streak from Roland Garros?



The first time I took nadal seriously it was the Wimbledon of 2008. Before that nadal was atleast in my eyes was considered as a person who could just rule on clay and even this dominance would wore out with time. But that final game changed a lot of perceptions. He killed it, it was one of the best tennis games I ever saw. Shots after shots, gigantic rallies, never say die attitude from both the players and finally nadal win credit to his super good stamina. The final score was:

An ere of absolute dominance from these two guys started from there. Since then the party has been joined by djokovic and these three have dominated tennis like never seen.
Now finally this era is about to end. I must say I am heartbroken, I don’t really want anyone to win today, I just want a game which would match the standards of that 2008 finals. We both know these two are living legends so I won’t care about the win. I just want a perfect ending to this golden chapter of tennis.


It’ll be the 40th meeting between Nadal and Federer. Specifically speaking on basis of this year’s performance or this 2019 Wimbledon, Nadal has only dropped one set in his run to semi-final. Federer also has displayed some great tennis on his most favoured surface-Grass. This is one encounter that I’ve not missed anytime since I started playing or following Tennis and what anubhav is speaking of, the 2008 finals is just right in my list of the best tennis matches. Federer is the first player to win 100 matches at one Grand Slam tournament. His overall record at the grass-court Grand Slam in 100-12. The surface will obviously be the biggest thing in Federer’s favour, what Clay is to Rafa, Grass is to Fed. Federer hasn’t reached his peak level so far at Wimbledon, yet no one has seriously challenged him and Nadal comparatively has had a tougher draw than Federer. More important, he’s excelling at the two things you must do well to win on grass: serving and returning. We saw that against Sam Querrey, Rafa won 82 percent of his first-serve points, and used his services in a clutch, Nadal broke him six times in three sets. Nadal coming from a French Open win will want to finish with a channel slam. I personally want Federer to win but Nadal has an upper hand. Altogether, my Friday night is set and we’ll witness some good tennis tonight.


It’s quite astonishing that we get to see these two go at it again after all these years. Two true all time greats of sport, let alone tennis. And then there’s Djokovic … it’s unprecedented. This is the time to witness. People always wonder when the next ONE will be, we have THREE, all at the same time! It’s insane !


Wimbledon 2008 Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Final - Greatest Match in Tennis History played on 6 July 2008. After 4 hours and 48 minutes of play, Nadal defeated Federer 6–4, 6–4, 6–7, 6–7, 9–7.

McEnroe, whose 1980 final against Borg had for so long been tennis’s gold standard, turned to his fellow NBC commentator Ted Robinson and said: “We’ll never see anything like that again.”

Look forward to seeing another epic match tonight.


OMG!! Again these two in Semi-Finals. With the heat they generate in the arena, surely the green grass is going to become dry. Much awaited for the match


Federer vs Djokovic - another battle of the titans tonight.

Federer was too good in the semifinals when he beat Nadal in 4 sets 7-6 (7/3), 1-6, 6-3, 6-4.

While our eyes were glued to the TV screens watching the enthralling match between the 2 maestros, there was this young boy in the audience to whom the ongoing match was not entertaining enough. A kid who was so engrossed in reading a book that the on court action didn’t distract him a bit.:nerd_face: Wonder what the book was?!:thinking: If only the photo was a shot from a different angle, we would know the name of this interesting book. :slightly_smiling_face:


World No. 1, Defending Champion and four-time winner Djokovic aims to win his 5th Wimbledon title tonight while Federer aims for his 9th Wimbledon title. Federer and Djokovic - both my favorites - one a legend and other a comeback hero - a fighter who is no less than a legend. Will be difficult to take sides tonight. Let the best player win tonight!

Djokovic v Federer: Best Wimbledon final of all time?