Will Lewis Hamilton create History at Silverstone?

Lewis Hamilton has had a dream season this year and he will be bent to break all records in his home track at the Silverstone that has driven him since he entered Formula One. Austrian GP he stood 5th and we saw some great driving from Verstappen and his counter-teammate Bottas. If Hamilton wins this Sunday he will become the first driver to win six British grand prix, eclipsing Jim Clark and Alain Prost. Hamilton is now in his 13th season in F1, with five world championships and 79 race wins. Only Michael Schumacher has more, with seven and 91 and he is in every position to surpass the German’s records which were once termed untouchable. His first title was in 2008 for McLaren but it is over the last five years that the success has become relentless, with four championships for Mercedes. The last two have come after strong competition from Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari.

Hamilton comes in to the British Grand Prix riding a wave of success. Six wins from nine races have placed him at the top of the table, 31 points in front of his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas.Vettel trails Hamilton by a hefty 74 points. Will Hamilton create history at Silverstone tomorrow while Michael Schumacher’s numbers are in view?


Records are meant to be broken but somehow I feel Michael Schumacher’s record should remain untouched for years to come.

However, the way Hamilton is chasing the titles, it wouldn’t be too long before he eclipses the German great’s record. It’s just a matter of time.
At this weekend’s British GP, Valtteri Bottas has taken the pole position but I think Hamilton will be as competitive as ever to secure victory at his home track at Silverstone and win his record 6th British GP title.


Five-time world champion and five-time winner at Silverstone - on his way to the 6th British GP win.


What a race! Lewis Hamilton wins a record 6th British GP! Bottas 2nd, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc 3rd, followed by Pierre Gasly and Red Bulls Max Verstappen in 5th place. Leclerc and Verstappen battle and Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel crash made the race even more dramatic.