What are some good topics on sports for a research?

Can someone suggest/think of some interesting sports topics for a research paper? A topic that will spark interest even in someone who isn’t much into sports. A topic that can allow and has plenty of material online or offline and at the same time is not conflicted. Conflict in opinion is acceptable but something that is away from entering political controversy.


Here are a few topic suggestions for research that are relevant to the current unprecedented pandemic crisis and social issues prevalent in civilized societies:

  1. Economic Impact of COVID19 pandemic on sports industry.

  2. Impact of COVID19 crisis on the psychology of players - The effect of shutdown, lockdown, cancellation of tournaments, human loss of life, etc on the player’s training and psychological mindset.

  3. Menace of Racism and Abusive behavior on social media platforms as experienced in English Football. What can be done to curb this growing hatred and abuse hurled at players on social platforms?