Just Few words to those who Wants MS Dhoni to Retire

Don’t Know what’s Wrong with People.
It have been 100+ Days since Dhoni is away from INDIAN Cricket team . He is not in the way of Any Youngsters. He is keeping himself Away in order to give Youngster a chance and BCCI is even Trying that and Grooming Pant well. MS is not Retiring just in case if Pant gets injured or anything happens at the time of WC then MS DHONI Can Wear his Gloves .
Just Becaz we at once can’t appoint any wicket Keeper right at the time of T20 WC and not sure if he handles the WC pressure.

I hope his Haters would realize this


The case is he is ‘unforgettable’!!
He is and never was a substitute to ‘immature’ Rishabh Pant.

Many cricket fans are missing Dhoni and wants him on the ground


Shane Watson on Dhoni’s retirement:

“He has still got the skill but it is to him to decide. MS Dhoni can do whatever he wants to do. He is still very young and moves incredibly well. He runs hard between the wickets and has beautiful hands. Whatever he does, it will be the right thing because he knows what lies ahead.”

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For me, Issue is/was very clear. My complain is not he is not retiring. My complain is he should have been out of the team years ago.

It’s not that I always thought so. I was a Dhoni fan when many hadn’t even heard his name. You cant imagine my heartburn When he was blazing in domestic circuits and wasn’t getting chance. I was ecstatic when Dada used him at 3 and he owned the slot.

But, things changed when he happened to become captain. Particularly when he established himself in Srinivasan Gang.

Two factors made me disapprove him.

  1. He started leaving things too late till chase was almost impossible. Sometimes he pulled it off, sometimes not. We lost many matches due to his such approach.
  2. His treatment of seniors and in particular his compatriots like Viru, Yuvi, Gambhir etc. In some time all players senior to him (who could have been captainship rivals) lost their place in the team.

One more points was noticed by many, So many CSK players found themselves selected over others.


  1. I have seen Sunny-Kapil captainship rivalry era.
  2. I have seen Azhar becoming captain due to TINA like Dhoni.
  3. I have seen Dada pipping Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Kumble for captainship and they kept playing together.
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