Does India has more Dhoni haters than from other countries?

MS Dhoni’s future has been the topic of many a debate from the past six months now. Though he is more than a legend in India many times, the former Indian captain who led us to debut T20 WC victory and won 2011 WC has many haters in the country itself. Since the World Cup 2019
one thing a lot of people can clearly see is the hatred that has developed towards him. But why this so?

Once a big-hitter, Dhoni now has the strategy of taking things slowly, which hasn’t worked well on occasions, which did work on some other occasions. This has left some fans fuming.
Another factor coming to his side is perhaps the biggest of all the reasons, Mahi is accused to have sidelined many senior players who weren’t maintaining good fitness levels. Some of the names include Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and Anil Kumble.

Some haters even think so that he influences the selection team even now. His favourites (like Ravindra Jadeja, Kedar Jadhav) are nurtured in-spite of inconsistent performances. Key point: More preference to CSK players.

Talking about Test cricket, MS has not been successful in overseas games. Many know, India failed to win any overseas series from 2011 onwards, having lost massively to Australia and England 4-0, and also failing to win against South Africa and New Zealand on their home.

What is your take on this? One can also take part in the discussion in the other discussion. Below is the link of the same


I see this as ‘Selection Team’ shortcoming more than Dhoni. Dhoni is free to put in a word for anyone but the onus of integrity lies on the Selectors and not on Dhoni. Selectors should use their judgement to select players based on the player performances and not purely on recommendation. If they are incapable to do an unbiased selection then they don’t deserve to be on the Selection Committee.