🚨 BREAKING: Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been officially sanctioned

Roman Abramovich has had his assets frozen in new UK sanctions against Russian oligarchs;

:point_right: He can no longer sell Chelsea
:point_right: The club can’t sell tickets or merchandise
:point_right: The club can’t sign new players or sell current ones
:point_right: No current player can sign a new contract

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Wow! Expected this move but interesting to see how the restrictions will be implemented.

Wonder how this will work. :thinking:


This is unfair on all levels. this is one man who has been paying Tax to the UK Government for years. He has created employment, his club brought happiness to millions of us across the world…:pensive: He is one person who has contributed to the Premier League being the best League in the world. Is this is how you pay him back? All because of Politics? Pure hypocrisy from the UK Government. :pensive: No matter what happens, Roman will go down in history as the greatest owner of any football club in the world. He won it all :trophy:. The most most successful club in England in last 20 years.


Chelsea can’t sell matchday tickets

With Abramovich owning the club, the UK government is looking to ensure he doesn’t make profits during the period of the sanctions. Therefore, Chelsea are not going to be allowed to sell matchday tickets. Season ticket holders can still attend games at Stamford Bridge, since that money has already been collected by the club, but no others can, with this expected to include away fans.


Can’t offer contracts to Rudiger, Christensen or Azpilicueta

If the asset freeze continues to the summer and if Chelsea can’t sign centre-backs, they’ll also have a major problem because they can’t offer new contracts either. With Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen and Cesar Azpilicueta all on expiring contracts, that’s one of many concerns.


No players can be bought

Chelsea have been given a special license in order to continue operating on a day-to-day basis, but this doesn’t allow for major expenses like transfer fees. If the sanction against Abramovich continues into the summer, that will be a big problem for the Blues.


Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich is one of seven oligarchs to be hit with fresh sanctions, including asset freezes and travel bans.

The list also includes billionaires Igor Sechin and Oleg Deripaska, both seen as allies of Vladimir Putin.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “there can be no safe havens” for those who have supported the invasion.

"Today’s sanctions are the latest step in the UK’s unwavering support for the Ukrainian people.

“We will be ruthless in pursuing those who enable the killing of civilians, destruction of hospitals and illegal occupation of sovereign allies,” Mr Johnson said.


UK Government: “Abramovich is associated with a person who is/has been involved in destabilising Ukraine & undermining/threatening territorial integrity, sovereignty & independence of Ukraine, namely Vladimir Putin, with whom (he) has had close relationship for decades.”


:rotating_light: Summary of sanctions on Chelsea due to Abramovich sanctions:

:x: No more ticket sales
:x: No more merchandise sales
:x: No new contract extensions
:x: No new transfers in or out

:white_check_mark: Salaries will be paid
:white_check_mark: Season tickets still valid as already sold

(Source: @martynziegler)


:rotating_light: Chelsea can STILL be sold but only if the UK government oversees the process to make sure none of the money goes to Roman Abramovich.

(Source: @TeleFootball)



:rotating_light: Chelsea’s main sponsor “Three UK” are reviewing their commercial partnership with the club.

(Source: talkSPORT)


He may have been the best for Chelsea but his close ties to Russian President Putin are no secret. The Oligarchs and elites in Russia are the pillars of the administration and complicit in the aggression.

Diplomatic talks are the need of the hour in the current Ukraine crisis. Hopefully sanity prevails sooner than later.


Chelsea could lose Azpilicueta, Rudiger and Christensen this summer if they’re unable to renew player contracts.


Last week, Abramovich announced that he intends to sell Chelsea after almost 20 years of ownership, with net proceeds from the sale to be donated to “all victims of the war in Ukraine”.In a statement, he said the decision is “in the best interest of the club” amid Russia’s widely condemned invasion of Ukraine.

The sanctions will come into force before the sale of the football club, estimated to be worth around £3bn, is able to take place.


While the sanctions against Abramovich throw Chelsea FC’s future in doubt, ministers sought to reassure the club it would not be “unnecessarily harmed”.

In a tweet, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said holding those who have “enabled the Putin regime to account” was the priority.

“To ensure the club can continue to compete and operate we are issuing a special licence that will allow fixtures to be fulfilled, staff to be paid and existing ticket holders to attend matches while, crucially, depriving Abramovich of benefiting from his ownership of the club.”

“I know this brings some uncertainty, but the government will work with the league and clubs to keep football being played while ensuring sanctions hit those intended. Football clubs are cultural assets and the bedrock of our communities. We’re committed to protecting them.” she wrote.


Chelsea have closed the Club shop. It was open until around 11am, before stewards said it was closed.


How UK government sanctions will impact Chelsea :memo:


Lukaku after realising that he can’t be sold to Inter Milan at the end of the season. :joy: :joy:


This piece on Abramovich at Chelsea by Matthew Syed from 2013 is an incredible watch & searingly insightful as to why he ever bought the club.

The scandal was obvious back then to most right-minded people.


What Chelsea can and cannot do under

They can:

:white_check_mark:Pay the wages, allowances and pensions of all employees of the Club, including players, coaching, corporate and administrative staff

:white_check_mark:Pay fees, dividends or other allowances to directors of the Club except Roman

:white_check_mark:Continue the payment necessary for the ongoing regular maintenance of the Club and the Club’s grounds, including rates, council tax, other taxes, insurance building safety inspection costs, energy costs and other maintenance costs associated with the maintenance of the Club’s ground and training grounds

:white_check_mark:Pay reasonable costs of travel to and from fixtures for players and essential staff including costs for security staff, travel agencies or contractors. These costs include travel, accommodation and subsistence costs, but may not exceed £20,000 per game

:white_check_mark:Make payments for the hosting of fixtures, including security, stewarding, emergency services and catering, not exceeding the value of £500,000 per fixture

:white_check_mark:Continue to make inter-club payments for existing player loan and sale agreements

:white_check_mark:Receive payments from match broadcasts

:white_check_mark:Receive fees from EFA, PL, and UEFA for performance

They cannot:

:x:Sell new merchandise provided by a 3rd party

:x:Produce new merchandise unless there is an existing agreement pre-sanction

:x:Sell new tickets to matches, home or away. Existing ticket holders can continue to attend, including season ticket holders and those who have already purchased a ticket pre-sanction.

:x:Pay for new stadium capital works or refurbishments