With the IPL qualifying round nearly coming to end, which team will qualify for the next round?

It has been a good journey of IPL, with a few teams full of spirit while few are disappointed with their performance and are ready for some last ditch effort and will play for their pride. Which teams do you think will come on top?


I see the current top 4 proceeding to play offs.

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CSK definitely my favorites for Title win but hope to see Delhi Capitals in finals against CSK as they are my favorite underdog team right from the beginning of this IPL season.


DC< CSK & MI are sure. Fourth spot is close fight between SRH, KXI and RR. Personally believe SRH should pip to the post.


As of now, the spot for playoffs is only getting tighter with each match.

Now, the top 4 will be like this :-

  1. CSK
  2. MI
  3. DC

DC and CSK are through. MI look comfortable too. Analyzing the team and the form my 4th team who will make into the playoffs will be KKR.

Qualifier 1- CSK vs MI
Eliminator- DC vs KKR

CSK definitely in finals. SRH or KKR still have a chance. In the finals it could be MI, SRH/KKR or DC.

So, I am late to the party, the picture seems more clearer now. We have three teams who have qualified, in MI, CSK, and DC. fight for the 4th is between SRH and KKR. due to the significant loss of both their openers SRH seems in a weaker position when it comes to team strength.
Fixtures are somewhere KKR seems on the weaker side, they have to play MI whereas SRH faces the strongest side of the competition in RCB :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: So, its gonna be a hell of a contest. My bet is on SRH but it’s like 51/49 in favor of SRH.
Eliminator- SRH vs Mumbai
Qualifier 1- CSK vs DC
Qualifier 2- DC vs MI
Final - MI vs CSK