🤔 Will Manchester United regret replacing David De gea with Andre Onana?


This summer, Manchester United put a lot of faith in Andre Onana, which is turning out to be a terrible choice at the moment. Onana’s shocking mistake allowed Bayern Munich to win 4-3 on Wednesday, putting more heat on manager Erik ten Hag.

Onana is known for having great skills with the ball, but he is also known for not being able to stop shots very well recently after his move.

David De Gea was let go because he was not in the plans of the Erik ten Hag despite having the most Premier League clean sheets last season. But it looks like his replacement, Onana also makes mistakes that cost a lot.

Will Manchester United regret this decisions in the coming months? Share your thoughts


De Gea was massively disrespected by Manchester United. He was one of the best goalkeepers in the world during his time at United. Constantly making crucial saves to salvage points for Man United in crucial games as well. It’s a shame how Ten Hag pushed him out of the team and replaced him with an error prone Onana. I’m sure it’s a decision they’ll still regret.


It is too early to determine whether Manchester United will regret replacing David De Gea with Andre Onana. The decision to replace De Gea was met with mixed opinions, and both goalkeepers have their strengths and weaknesses. Here are some factors to consider:

  • De Gea’s performance: De Gea had been a key player for Manchester United, but his form had declined in recent years. While he had the most Premier League clean sheets last season, he was not in the plans of manager Erik ten Hag. This suggests that the club may have had concerns about his long-term performance.

  • Onana’s abilities: Onana was signed for his superior ball-playing ability and shot-stopping talent. He has the potential to improve and become a reliable goalkeeper for Manchester United. However, some critics argue that he makes more mistakes than De Gea.

  • Team performance: Manchester United’s success does not solely depend on the goalkeeper. The team’s overall performance, including the defense and midfield, also plays a significant role. If the team can provide adequate support, Onana’s potential weaknesses may be mitigated.

  • Long-term prospects: Onana is not super young, which raises concerns about his longevity as a top-level goalkeeper. Manchester United may need to consider their options for the future if Onana does not meet their expectations.

In conclusion, it is too early to determine whether Manchester United will regret replacing De Gea with Onana. The success of the decision will depend on various factors, including Onana’s development, the team’s performance, and the club’s long-term goals.


That’s a total capital NO
Onana haven’t played much games just as De gea, and even from onana’s performance so far, he is still better than De gea in some aspect, so let’s keep calm and keep watching him.


Even if you’re Judging both of them based on their overall career stats and achievements, Onana is nothing close to De gea :smile:

Onana is only better with his ball playing ability.


:rotating_light: Manchester United are weighing up a move for Atletico Madrid’s Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Oblak, 30, if they decide to show Cameroonian Andre Onana, 27, the exit door after his poor start to life at Old Trafford.

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