Will injuries cost India the World Cup?

India has started world cup is an amazing manner. With winning all the three games quite convincingly and so far looking the best team of the tournament. However, first losing Shikhar Dhawan through injury and now Bhuvneshwar Kumar has also been ruled out for 2 weeks. So, now the main question which arises is that whether injuries will disturb the balance and will it cost India the World Cup?


I don’t think Bhuvi’s injury is as serious as Dhawan’s. Although Virat Kohli said in the Press Conference that Bhuvi be out for 2-3 games. Our next game is with Afghanistan and then West Indies. Both the teams wouldn’t cause much troubles to the Indian team. While we have Shami who hasn’t been given a chance yet to prove himself. He’ll be the replacement for Bhuvi in the coming games and i guess KL is doing his job in the top order. India will definitely be there in the semi-finals and by then the team would have recovered from injuries. Fingers crossed that no more injuries further take place.


I don’t believe Dhavan’s injury would hurt India. Pant at 4 a very exciting prospect for India. Pant coming in may even prove to blessing in disguise.

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Dhawan and now Bhuvenshwar Kumar’s absence is undoubtedly a huge loss. However, they say, one man’s loss is another man’s gain. Who better to vouch for this adage, than Pant!

I see this as a brilliant opportunity for players on the bench to now step up and prove their worth. India still has enough time and matches for Karthik, Mohammed Shami and Pant to get used to the pace and shine in the limelight when the opportunity presents.

Tournament like the World Cup where injuries are a threat that all teams have to cope with, it is up to the team as to how well they stay course and determined. As Shikhar Dhawan has aptly tweeted the famous couplet by Urdu poet Rahat Indori…


CONFIRMED! Dhavan out of the world cup. Pant o come in.

I am personally very excited. For me, Rahul opening and Pant at 4 is very delicious possibility. Hope Kohi plays Pant in first eleven and doesn’t opt for Vijay or DK.

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I sincerely hope this is The End of the ‘Vijay Shankar Experiment’. He doesn’t come across as Number 4 by any stretch. And his dobbly-dibblys are certainly not a strong enough argument for his place in the XI. Bring on Pant! :muscle: