Will Inexperience Cost Delhi Capitals the Title?

Delhi Capitals Needed 18 runs from 18 Balls. They are a team of some exceptionally talented players. however, this game should not have even gone to the super overs. Will the inexperience of their team cost them the title or for starters the chance to qualify for the playoffs.


To beat an experienced team like KKR is no mean feat. From being considered a struggling team sitting at the bottom of the table until last season to such an amazing performance so far, DC can turn out to be the underdogs who surprise everyone by showing up in Playoffs and who knows, maybe the ‘Title match’ too! :slightly_smiling_face:

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When the IPL started, I never thought that DC will be able to qualify for playoffs. With young and inexperienced players they had a bit bumpy start but time and again they showed us that they can overcome any hurdle. Also they got two huge pillars ( Ricky and Sourav) supporting them from behind. So now, slowly and slowly I stared believing them and stoped belittling them. I think they might surprise everyone in the end.

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They have experienced Dhawan, Mishra & Ishant and Ingram is no Green behind the ear. They have three players believed to be future of Team India Shaw, Iyer and Flamboyant and Promising Pant! Rutherford is also explosive prospect. Rabada is the very difficult to get away. Lamichhane is also showing Promise.

We should not be surprised if we see them in the Finals!

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