🏏 Will Cricket ever be added to Olympics?

Since the United States was the first country to host the Olympics, cricket was included to the schedule for the 1904 Games in St. Louis. Cricket was, however, removed from the final event list due to low participation. Since then, the sport has appeared in three further multi-sport competitions.

There has been talks and speculations about Cricket being added to the 2028 summer Olympics, Will this be a good development for the sport? What are your thoughts?


No decision has been taken regarding Cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics 2028. Final decision in October. (Reported by Espncricinfo).

I Hope that it makes it to Olympics… Will spark some international interest :sunglasses:


:rotating_light: CRICKET AT THE OLYMPICS :rotating_light:

According to a report by the Telegraph, cricket could be in the Olympics by 2028.

Proposals will include a 6-team competition for both Men & Women.


For the record, cricket made its sole appearance in the Paris Olympic Games in 1900. Only two sides took part, with a team from Great Britain beating France by 159 runs in a two-day match at the Velodrome de Vincennes.


There is a long list of criteria that need to be satisfied before a governing body like the ICC can seek to become ‘recognised’ by the International Olympic Committee. It was only after taking control of the women’s game in 2005 and introducing a WADA-compliant anti-doping code in 2006 that ICC ticked all the major boxes and was able to submit an application which was approved at the first time of asking by the IOC Executive Board in Lausanne in December 2007.

This provisionally places cricket in a pool of IOC-recognised sports that are not currently on the programme of the Olympic Games but could apply to be included.