🤔 Will anyone catch Erling Haaland for the Premier League Golden Boot this year?

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As of 11 April 2024-

Haaland, who plays for Manchester City, is currently leading the race with 19 goals, followed by Ollie Watkins from Aston Villa with 18 goals. Haaland’s goal-scoring prowess and consistency make him a formidable competitor for the Golden Boot. However, with strong contenders like Watkins, Salah, Cole Palmer, Dominic Solanke, and others in the mix, the competition remains fierce.


Haaland’s impressive goal-scoring record (19 goals) and form suggest that he will be a tough player to catch in the quest for the Golden Boot this season.

  • Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa) is a strong contender with 18 goals in the race for the Golden Boot.

  • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) - Salah is also in contention with 17 goals this season.

  • Dominic Solanke (Bournemouth) - Solanke is keeping pace with Salah on 16 goals, making him a notable competitor for the Golden Boot.

  • Cole Palmer (Chelsea) - Palmer has also scored 16 goals this season, putting him in the race for the Golden Boot.

  • Jarrod Bowen (West Ham United) - Bowen is on 15 goals, showing his goal-scoring prowess and competitiveness in the race for the Golden Boot.

  • Alexander Isak (Newcastle United) - Isak has also scored 15 goals this season, making him a strong contender for the Golden Boot.

  • Heung-min Son (Tottenham) - Son is on 15 goals, showcasing his goal-scoring abilities and positioning him as a competitor for the Golden Boot.

  • Phil Foden (Manchester City) - Foden has continued his impressive development and emergence as one of the top young talents in world football. He has scored 14 goals this season, putting him as a strong contender for the Golden Boot competition.

  • Bukayo Saka (Arsenal) - Saka has also scored 14 goals, showing his goal-scoring skills and competitiveness in the Golden Boot race.


I have a strong pick on Ollie Watkins,he is the number one contender against haaland this season, he is hungry for goals and more goals😂, well haaland should watch his back


Man City star Erling Haaland appears poised to be the first Premier League player to lead the league in goals scored in back-to-back seasons since Harry Kane piled up a league-best 25 in ’15-16, then defended his Golden Boot trophy with 29 more in ’16-17.

Haaland ran away with the EPL’s Golden Boot last season in his first campaign under Pep Guardiola, eclipsing the previous record of 34 with a 36-goal haul at age 22. Not only did Haaland easily set the record for most goals in a season, he became the first player since Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah in ’17-18 to score more than 30.

The only likely scenario in which Haaland doesn’t lead the EPL in scoring this year is if he’s injured and misses significant time.


Cole Palmer is just 3 goals behind Haaland, and with the current form he’s been on, I wouldn’t rule him out to catch up with Haaland before the end of the season.


I don’t see anyone catching up with Haaland. He might not be as productive as he was last season, but I still expect him to see out the season as the Premier League’s top scorer. :+1:t3: