Why is England struggling at Euros 2024 so far? 🤔

:rotating_light:EURO 2024: England’s Struggle is Real!

England fans, it’s time to sound off! Despite high hopes, the Three Lions are struggling to find their footing in the tournament. What’s going wrong? Is it the team’s strategy, player selection, or something else entirely?

Join the discussion and share your thoughts! Are you frustrated, disappointed, or still hopeful? Let’s dissect England’s performance and explore ways they can turn it around.


Their major problem is their manager, Gareth Southgate. He’s been tactically inadequate in the tournament so far.

The attack is flat, SouthGate need to be playing 2strikers every game. He got Watkins & Toney use them. Kane be playing like a midfielder when his expected to shoot & score.

The manager need to be experimental with his team selection. Make random selections every game take and take risks.


England-Group C-Euro 2024

England has struggled at Euro 2024 so far due to several tactical issues:

  1. Too many players dropping deep in possession, leaving no one in advanced positions to receive progressive passes. The midfield profiles have not matched up well, with players failing to react and rotate when Jude Bellingham drifts around, leaving gaps in midfield.
  2. England has been retreating and sitting deep after taking the lead in both matches, instead of pushing for a second goal. This has allowed opponents to gain control of the game.
  3. Ineffective pressing and struggles to regain possession have been prominent issues. England allowed Denmark too much possession before defensive actions, in contrast to their more aggressive pressing in previous tournaments.
  4. Lack of energy, midfield imbalance, and key players like John Stones and Declan Rice not showcasing their full potential have contributed to England’s struggles.
  5. The players have appeared nervous about making mistakes, which has affected their ability to maintain a high line and control the game.

However, despite the criticism and pressure, England remains unbeaten in the group stage and has reasons to be cheerful. With potential game-changing moments or tactical adjustments, the team can still turn things around in Euro 2024.


Gareth Southgate’s management style has had both positive and negative impacts on England’s performance at major tournaments so far:


  • Southgate has instilled a strong team ethos and sense of unity within the England squad. He has empowered the players and fostered an environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves. This has helped England play with more confidence and cohesion.

  • Southgate has shown emotional intelligence and built strong personal relationships with his players. He has taken time to mentor young talents like Jude Bellingham and support players like Marcus Rashford after setbacks. This has helped motivate the squad.

  • Southgate has not been afraid to make tough decisions, like dropping big-name players when needed. This has demonstrated his courage as a leader and ability to put the team’s interests first.


  • England’s tactical approach under Southgate has been criticized at times, with the team struggling to break down defensive opponents or maintain control of games after taking the lead.

  • There are questions about Southgate’s in-game management and ability to make decisive changes when England is struggling. His substitutions and tactical tweaks have not always had the desired impact.

  • While Southgate has built a strong team culture, there are doubts about whether this alone is enough to win major tournaments. England may need to complement this with more incisive tactics and game management.

Overall, Southgate’s leadership has had a largely positive impact, helping England reach new heights and reconnect with fans. However, to take the next step and win a major trophy, he may need to evolve his approach further and demonstrate more tactical flexibility.


To improve England’s ball progression at Euro 2024, Gareth Southgate should consider the following tactical changes:

Reduce the number of players dropping deep

Too many England players are retreating into their own half to receive the ball, leaving no one in advanced positions to progress play. Southgate needs to ensure players maintain better positions, with only one or two players dropping deep while others provide vertical options ahead.

Utilize Trent Alexander-Arnold’s passing range

Trent has been deployed in midfield but has not been utilized effectively. His ability to play incisive long passes should be maximized by having him positioned to receive the ball. Dropping him deeper to dictate play could unlock England’s attack.

Improve rotations and reactions in midfield

The profiles of England’s midfielders have not matched up well. When Jude Bellingham drifts, the other midfielders fail to react and rotate to cover the space he leaves. Better coordination and rotations are needed to maintain compactness and control in midfield.

Maintain higher positions after taking the lead

England has retreated and sat deeper after going ahead in matches, allowing opponents to gain control. Southgate should instruct his team to maintain higher positions and press more aggressively to force turnovers in advanced areas when leading.

Provide more support to Harry Kane

With too many players dropping deep, Harry Kane has become isolated as the lone striker. Providing more runners ahead of him and playing to his strengths as a link-up forward could help England progress the ball more effectively through the lines.

By implementing these tactical tweaks, Southgate can help England improve their ball progression and control of matches at Euro 2024. Reducing the number of deep positions, utilizing Trent’s passing, improving midfield rotations, and supporting Kane will be key.