Why is cricket called the gentlemen game?

There are many sports in the world and none are played by goons and stuff then why is only cricket called as the gentlemen game?


The Gentlemen in “Gentlemen’s Game” doesn’t refer to Gentlemen as “Chivalrous, Courteous, Honourable Men”. The term refers to old landed gentry of England. Landowners (Equivalent to Indian Jamindaar) were called Gentlemen. Other people laborers, Craftsmen etc were called Commoners.

In essence the term defines the Cricket as the “Game of Privileged Few” and not as “Game of Honorable”.


I think the expression ‘Gentlemen’s game’ is now outdated.

In 17th century when the English elite played it was called ‘gentleman’s game’ which meant no sledging, cheating, bodyline bowling , temper tantrums or excessive appealing. A batsman was expected to walk out the field if he knew he was out even if the umpire decided otherwise.

Over the years we have seen players sledging and on field aggression being considered as passion and competitive spirit. Over the last decade, we have also seen numerous match fixing and tampering incidents, even as recent as last week when Pakistan cricketer Umar Akmal claimed that he was approached for match-fixing and an offer was made to him during the ongoing Global T20 Canada league.

With the game and mannerism evolving over the period, in today’s age, the term ‘Gentleman’s game’ is no longer relevant, I think.


Well, there are already so many good answers for the question. However, I feel cricket is called gentlemen game because it probably is the only sport which is played in full pants. @Chitra @Yogesh @Jay


@Anubhav2 if this is true then why is golf not a gentleman sports and should baseball be called semi gentleman game as it is played in caprees?


Well for being called a gentleman sports first of all a thing needs to be sports. I don’t even consider golf as sports. And as a matter of fact baseball is called semi gentlemen game :joy::joy:.
Also jokes apart cricket was called gentlemen game because earlier in the 19th century it was one of the costliest sports and was just played by the rich people.
Rules wise golf is much better than cricket due to the spirit. Players call penalty on themselves rather than any umpire or referee. No sledging nothing pure spirit.


LOL! What swimming would be called then?!?! :grinning:

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