🤔 Why are young players choosing Chelsea over Liverpool?


Over the past 4 to 3 days, we’ve witnessed one of the most interesting transfer saga’s in recent times, involving Chelsea and Liverpool. Which has resulted in two of the most sought after defensive midfielders publicly declining moves to Liverpool in Favour of a move to Chelsea.

This has raised serious concerns in the football world. What in your opinion is the reason for their choices?

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It’s pretty simple

Chelsea seem to be planning for the future and they have made necessary reinforcements that could produce the right dividend in the coming years.

The Blues have made the signing of youngsters a priority, since the arrival of American billionaire Todd Boehly.

Chelsea have signed 18 players 25-year-old and below since the summer of 2022/23 and they have handed the club to a tactician, who understands the rudiments of managing young players.

All the above points will always be attractive young players and that explains why they always tend to pick Chelsea ahead of other clubs.


Young players are choosing Chelsea over Liverpool for a variety of reasons -

  • Future plans: Chelsea has been seen as having a clear plan to build a team for the future, which is attractive to young players who want to be part of a successful team in the long term.

  • Financial backing: Some players believe that Chelsea can continue to invest money in the club, which could ensure its progress.

  • Location: Some players see London as a big pull, which is why they choose Chelsea over Liverpool

  • Personal preference: Some players simply have a personal preference for Chelsea over Liverpool, as was the case with Moises Caicedo.


Romeo Lavia reveals why he joined Chelsea and Liverpool fans are FUMING about it :triumph:


Why picking Chelsea? Roméo Lavia: “My feeling is that the project, the ambition and the history were key factors”. :large_blue_circle::sparkles:

“These three factors were determining my decision to join Chelsea”.