Who will be the top 4 of this world cup in the exact order


I guess this is the right time to predict the top 4. My top 4 will be
New Zealand
Semi-finals = India vs England
And Australia vs New Zealand

Final = Australia vs England
Winner = Australia.

What would be your predictions?



My top 4 will be
New Zealand
Semi-finals = India vs England
And Australia vs New Zealand

Final = Australia vs India
Winner = I am not sure…


My predictions-

  1. New Zealand
  2. India
  3. Australia
  4. England
    Semi Finals - NZ vs Eng (England Win)
    Ind vs Aus (India Win)
    Final- Ind vs Eng (India Lift their 3rd WC)


Agree with Yogesh’s predictions.
Except Winner = India


According to me top 4 will be:
New Zealand
Semi-finals = India vs Bangladesh
And Australia vs New Zealand


England have to play tough game from here on. England team is poor in chasing runs. Bangladesh is playing good cricket. If fortune favours them then they will be in top 4.

India is facing lot of injuries and played poorly against Afghanistan . I hope India will not take any team lightly henceforth.


Eng shouldn’t have trouble defeating Ban. They will have only have trouble against top teams like Ind, Aus & NZ. And they have upper hand against them in recent past. We can’t totally write them off.


England already defeated Bangladesh i think. They have two games remaining against new Zealand and India and Bangladesh have two games remaining against Pakistan and India. England is struggling but even if they lose two games i think Bangladesh is gonna have difficulties in defeating either of India and Pakistan. Let’s hope for the best


Eng & Ban both face tough draw ahead. But, Eng should be able to manage one win at least, while Ban will find it difficult. Eng & Pak will be vying for that 4th spot. I say Eng. Pak too erratic.


I say Pak. England are in tough situation but have a decent NRR. It’s just one of wish to see India vs Pakistan at a ICC World Cup Final and what better venue than Lord’s! :heart_eyes:


SL have lost much hope after yesterday. Very slim chances now.

Interesting times ahead. Ban and Eng have one outing each against in form Ind. Peculiarity of the situation can be gauged by a joke going rounds in SM.

Sunday"s India England cricket match will be a unique, once in a century match event!!

*For the first time since 1947… *

*1.2 billion Indians, *

200 million Pakistainis,

150 miilion Bangladeshis and…

25 million Sri Lankans

All will be praying for an Indian win! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I don’t think Indian’s will be praying for India’s win? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… They want Pakistan out of this World Cup


Yesterday It was more heartbreaking for Indians than Afghans! :cold_sweat: I watched yesterday’s match with more interest than Indian matches! :crazy_face:


Yeah true. And the fight was ugly. Really very ugly. I wish these kind of things don’t repeat. Also Pakistan fans + bangladeshi fans are someone who i hate the most


I think the top 4 would be:
New Zealand


Don’t count SA out. They may decide to go out on a high!