Who is the most iconic Real Madrid player of the 21st Century?

Who is the most ionic Real Madrid player of the 21st Century?


I’ll go with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The numbers speak for themselves, as Ronaldo won four Champions League trophies, two LaLiga titles, two Copa del Rey trophies, three Club World Cups, three UEFA Super Cups and two Supercopa de Espana trophies.

Cristiano scored an incredible 451 goals in 438 games, meaning an average of 1.03 goals per game played for Los Blancos. He netted 312 in LaLiga, 22 in the Copa del Rey, four in the Supercopa de Espana, two in the European Super Cup, six in the Club World Cup and 105 in the Champions League.

He’s no doubt the most iconic player in Real Madrid’s history!



This is a common knowledge :+1:


Everywhere Cristiano ronaldo, of course its Cristiano Ronaldo.


That’s a tough call! Each of them has made a significant impact on Real Madrid in their own way in the 21st century.

Zinedine Zidane, a legendary midfielder, played a key role in Real Madrid’s success, both as a player and later as a coach. Zidane brought his incredible skill and elegance to the team.

Cristiano Ronaldo was a goal-scoring machine, had a remarkable stint with Real Madrid, winning numerous titles and setting numerous records.

Karim Benzema had been a consistent force, contributing not just goals but also creating opportunities for others. He was a prolific striker and had been a crucial part of the team for many years.

If we consider individual achievements, goal-scoring feats, and global popularity, Ronaldo might be considered the most iconic player among the three.