Who is the greatest Spanish midfielder the Premier League has ever seen? πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

Who is the greatest Spanish midfielder the Premier League has ever seen? :thinking::es:


Has to be Cesc Fabregas

Two stints in the league with two fierce London rivals saw Fabregas mark his place in history.

A young, energetic midfielder at Arsenal then became a more cultured and reserved ball-player at Chelsea.

Contributing plenty of goals and assists for both sides, he is remembered fondly by both sets of fans.

He has provided the second most assists in the league’s history with 111, only behind Ryan Giggs.

Fabregas managed to fit a few years at Barcelona in between the two English clubs, and still holds this impressive record.

He formed a strong relationship with Costa as both players moved to Stamford Bridge to win the league in their debut campaigns.


Greatest Spanish midfielders in the Premier League:

David Silva: David Silva is often regarded as one of the best Spanish midfielders to have played in the Premier League. He spent the majority of his career at Manchester City, where he showcased his exceptional technical skills, vision, and creativity.

Cesc Fabregas: Cesc Fabregas is another highly regarded Spanish midfielder in the Premier League. He had successful spells at Arsenal and Chelsea, where he displayed his passing ability, intelligence, and goal-scoring prowess.

Xabi Alonso: Xabi Alonso is recognized for his elegance and composure in midfield. He played for Liverpool and later joined Real Madrid. Alonso was known for his passing range, tactical awareness, and ability to control the tempo of the game

Mikel Arteta: Mikel Arteta, who played for Everton and Arsenal, is often mentioned as one of the top Spanish midfielders in the Premier League. He was known for his technical skills, leadership qualities, and ability to dictate play.

Santi Cazorla: Santi Cazorla, who played for Arsenal, is highly regarded for his technical ability, dribbling skills, and creativity. Despite battling injuries, he left a lasting impact on the Premier League.