😬 Who is the biggest transfer flop in your club’s history?

Despite modern scouting techniques limiting the chances of a big failure, transfers have continued to be puzzling. While players have stood out after taking on a new challenge, some instances remain on the other side of things. Clubs that can afford to, and have, spent huge amounts have sometimes not been able to get out what they want from their premium signings. Many promising footballers have flopped and seen their careers sliding down the slope after transfers to top clubs.

Let’s discuss all the biggest transfer flops for your club in this thread


As a Chelsea fan, Romelu Lukaku is undoubtedly the worst transfer in the club’s history

Lukaku said his return to Chelsea was about “unfinished business”, given he had failed to score once during his previous stint at Stamford Bridge.

However, while he finished the 2021-22 season as the club’s top scorer, the striker’s second spell proved far worse than his first.

Indeed, 15 goals from 44 appearances was a dismal return given the club-record investment of £97.5m ($119m) in his services.


Yes Sánchez arrived at Manchester United with high expectations after his impressive performances at Barcelona. However, he failed to make a significant impact at the club and struggled to find his best form during his time there.