Who do you think is in the right in this Manchester United dispute? Erik Ten Hag or Jadon Sancho? 🤔

Erik ten Hag has once again flexed his authority at Manchester United by banishing Jadon Sancho from the first team after the forward refused to apologise to his manager.

Sancho’s future at Old Trafford was already in serious jeopardy after the 23-year-old lashed out at the Dutchman on social media last week after Ten Hag implied he had been dropped due to poor standards in training.

Who in your opinion is right in this situation?

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:rotating_light: Erik Ten Hag wants Jadon Sancho to apologise before allowing him to return to the first team.

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:rotating_light: Jadon Sancho is using the academy facilities to train and won’t be considered for Manchester United selection until he’s back with the first-team after refusing to apologise to Erik Ten Hag.

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:rotating_light: 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: Manchester United have announced that Jadon Sancho will train away from the first team squad until “a disciplinary problem in the team is resolved”.

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:rotating_light: Jadon Sancho is refusing to back down and believes there have been inconsistencies in the way Erik ten Hag has applied certain rules in relation to him compared to team-mates.

Sancho’s unhappy that Ten Hag went public in the first place with his grievances. This is one of the reasons why he claimed he is a scapegoat.

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In any dispute, it’s essential to consider both sides and their perspectives. Erik Ten Hag, the manager, may have certain expectations and standards for discipline and punctuality within the team. On the other hand, Jadon Sancho, the player, might have his reasons for any perceived tardiness.

Ultimately, it’s up to the club’s management to mediate and find a solution that benefits both parties and ensures a harmonious team environment. Disputes like these are not uncommon in football, and they’re usually resolved internally. Let’s hope for an amicable resolution that benefits Manchester United as a whole. :+1:t5:


Without a second thought, I would back Erik ten Hag in this situation. I think ten Hag is respected in the world of football for his integrity and ambitious feats achieved for the clubs. He is brought in at Man Utd for a purpose, to get Man Utd back to it’s glory days. Players who are not committed to this purpose, need to stay on the side lines.

Jadon Sancho to me is no different. I have come across news of ten Hag giving Sancho a second chance a few times.

Looks like Sancho is still in his la la land. Players got to realize that they are replaceable in this competitive era. I think, Sancho needs to apologize and try to regain his spot in the playing XI.


:rotating_light: Erik ten Hag will not back down over his demand for an apology, in both private and public, from Jadon Sancho for essentially calling the United manager a liar.

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:studio_microphone: Erik Ten Hag on Jadon Sancho and the importance he places on standards at Manchester United:

"His principles is what my decision is based on. That is not about me, and to be strict. No. This is in favour of the team. Yes, even [when it could be a disadvantage to the team]. Everyone can make their opinion about that.

“You’re saying something very important, but it’s in favour of the team, that’s what my decision is based on. It’s not about me. No. It’s in favour of the team.”

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:studio_microphone: Erik ten Hag: "Strict lines is what the club asked me because there was no good culture before last season so to set good standards, that is what I did and it is my job to control the standards.”

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The Manchester Evening News reports that Sancho is open to leaving Man United in January with two clubs already interested in the winger.

According to the report, Borussia Dortmund, where Sancho played for four years, is one club interested in acquiring the player’s services should he leave Old Trafford. The Englishman thrived in Germany and his time there saw him become one of the most sought-after talents in football.

Another club keeping an eye on the 23-year-old’s situation is Nottingham Forest. This would be a surprise move for Sancho to make but they are managed by the United star’s England Under-17 coach Steve Cooper, which could help Forest land the talented winger.

The next few months could be huge for Sancho’s career as the winger has bundles of talent that need to be showcased once more.


:rotating_light: Jadon Sancho is open to leaving Manchester United in the January transfer window if the winger remains sidelined at the club until the New Year.

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:no_good_man: Stand-off between Jadon Sancho and Erik ten Hag


:rotating_light: Jadon Sancho has been told he would be welcomed back into the Manchester United fold if he apologised to Erik ten Hag face-to-face. Sancho refuses to do this and the stand-off continues.

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:rotating_light: A number of Manchester United players are starting to grow weary of Erik ten Hag’s criticism as they struggle to arrest their dismal form.

Dressing room sources say that some players believe the manager has favourites in the squad who he is unprepared to single out for criticism, while they feel others are routinely rounded on.

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:rotating_light: Manchester United are ready to sell Jadon Sancho to the highest bidder in the January transfer window after Erik ten Hag decided to cut his losses.

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Jadon Sancho has been urged to apologise to Erik ten Hag by his Manchester United teammates, a source has told ESPN.

Sancho has been banished from first team training following his public rift with Ten Hag. The 23-year-old has so far refused to say sorry and there is no timeframe for his return to the squad.


:rotating_light: The PFA has offered to help Jadon Sancho and Erik Ten Hag settle their differences.

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:rotating_light: Jadon Sancho is understood to have been late for numerous training sessions at Manchester United. His tweet calling out Erik Ten Hag was the last straw for the United manager.

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:rotating_light: Jadon Sancho’s teammates have urged him to say sorry and end his feud with Erik ten Hag. Players including Rashford, Maguire and Shaw have all pleaded with him to swallow his pride and apologise to the Manchester United manager. So far, he’s refused.

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