⚽ Who are the holders of the most important records in football history?

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Here are the holders of the most important records in football history:⠀

  1. Most official goals in football history: :czech_republic: Josep Bican (805).⠀

  2. Most assist in football history: :argentina: Lionel Messi (306).⠀

  3. Most decorated footballer of all-time: Dani Alves (41 times).⠀

  4. All-time international Top Scorer: :iran: Daei (109).⠀

  5. Most International assists: :argentina: Lionel Messi (45).⠀

  6. World Cup all-time topscorer: :de: Miroslav Klose (16). ⠀

  7. World Cup all-time most assists: :argentina: Lionel Messi (7).⠀

  8. Most goals + assists in a major tournament: :argentina: Lionel Messi (35).⠀

  9. Most career goals + assists: :argentina: Lionel Messi (1021).⠀

  10. Most goals + assists in a season : :argentina: Lionel Messi (9 seasons).⠀

  11. Most International Trophies: :brazil: Ronaldo (5 times).⠀

  12. Most World Cup trophies: :brazil: Pelé (3 times).⠀

  13. Most goals in a single World Cup edition: :fr: Just Fontaine (13).⠀

  14. Most Champions League titles: :es: Paco Gento (6 times).⠀

  15. All-time Champions League Top Scorer: :portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo (134).⠀

  16. Most goals in a singles season: :argentina: Lionel Messi (73).⠀

  17. Most goals in a calendar year: :argentina: Lionel Messi (91).⠀

  18. Most assists for a single club: :argentina: Lionel Messi (261).⠀

  19. Most goals for a single club: :argentina: Lionel Messi (644).⠀

20.Most free-kick goals: :brazil: Juninho (77).⠀
Most penalty goals: :portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo (121).⠀

  1. Most hat-tricks: :brazil: Pelé (92).⠀

  2. Most Ballon d’Ors: :argentina: Lionel Messi (6).⠀

  3. Youngest player to win Ballon d’Or: :argentina: Lionel Messi (21)

  4. Only Player to win Ballon d’Or 4 times in a roll: :argentina: Lionel Messi.

  5. Most Golden Boots: :argentina: Lionel Messi (6).⠀

  6. Most individual awards: :argentina: Lionel Messi (94).⠀

  7. Only player with over 1,000 goals + assists: :argentina: Lionel Messi (1021).⠀

28.The only Player to win the best player award for every football competition he has played in: :argentina: Lionel Messi⠀


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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Incredible Stats and Records

– With 470 goals in 763 appearances, Ibrahimovic averages a goal every 127.7 minutes throughout his career. His best minutes per goal ratio is in Ligue 1, where he averaged a goal every 91 minutes with PSG.

– He’s now scored in 23 consecutive top-flight seasons after making his debut for Malmo in 1999.

– With his brace against Bologna, Zlatan matched Daniele Massaro and Pietro Arcari as 16th in Milan’s all-time top scorers. He’s now just five goals away from Marco Simeone in 15th and 20 away from breaking into the top 10.

– His brace also took him to 132 goals and 39th place in Serie A’s all-time top scorers chart.

– Between 2006 and 2017, he averaged 20 league goals a season between his stints with Inter, Barcelona, Milan, PSG and Manchester United.

– The most prolific stint of his career came in MLS, averaging nearly a goal a game for LA Galaxy with 52 goals in 56 appearances.

– Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo are the only current players to have scored in every minute (1-90) of a game.

– He’s won 11 league titles in four European leagues, not including the two at Juventus revoked after the Calciopoli scandal.

Source: (Planet Football)