🤑 Who are the Highest-Paid Footballers in the World?

The most popular sport in the world is without a doubt football, and with tremendous popularity comes enormous money. The figures have reached unfathomable heights, and the trend does not appear to be abating.

In this thread, we shall be discussing about the highest paid players in the world right now. Feel free to join the discussion and share your views.


:rotating_light: Erling Haaland is by far the highest paid player in Premier League history.

His salary is close to £900,000-a-week after ‘almost guaranteed’ bonuses are added to his basic salary, which is in line with City’s top earners.

(Source: @MikeKeegan_DM)


:moneybag: :turtle: Kylian Mbappe new contract with PSG until 2025

Salary: €50M/year

Bonuses at signing: €130M

Image rights: 100%

Benefits: He will have the power with the Paris board on all club decisions (coach, sports director, players…)


Messi joined PSG not long after leaving Camp Nou. The French heavyweights offered Leo a whopping $41 million net annual salary.

The contract was signed for two years with the option of expanding it to a third.


Neymar has constantly been among the top five or top ten players in the world in the last decade. The Brazilian who has signed a contract extension with PSG in the summer of 2021 will until the summer of 2025 receive $36.5 million a year.



Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest-paid player in the history of the English Premier League when he signed a two-year deal with his old club Manchester United in the summer of 2021. Ronaldo signed a two-year deal with an option of extension to an additional year and earns $36 Million/Year


Of the top 10, top 3 are PSG players :money_mouth_face:

(10) Sadio Mane – Bayern Munich – £350,000 p/w

(9) Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – £350,000 p/w

(8) Erling Haaland – Man City – £375,000 p/w

(7) David De Gea – Man United – £375,000 p/w

(6) Eden Hazard – Real Madrid – £380,000 p/w

(5) Kevin De Bruyne – Man City – £400,000 p/w

(4) Cristiano Ronaldo – Man United – £480,000 p/w

(3) Neymar Jr – PSG – £606,000 p/w

(2) Lionel Messi – PSG - £960,000 p/w

(1) Kylian Mbappe – PSG – £1,600,000 p/w


:rotating_light: Top 10 highest-paid players in the Premier League:

:belgium: De Bruyne: £400k p/w
:es: De Gea: £375k p/w
:norway: Haaland: £375k p/w
:england: Sancho: £350k p/w
:brazil: Casemiro: £350k p/w
:egypt: Salah: £350k p/w
:fr: Varane: £340k p/w
:england: Sterling: £325k p/w
:england: Grealish: £300k p/w
:senegal: Koulibaly: £295k p/w