👨‍👨‍👦 Which team has the best football Academy in the world?

While many professional football players may have started out as street kids, football academies’ influence and chances have been crucial in helping these players reach their full potential. A youth academy originally housed all of the foreign soccer players from various clubs. Use the phrase “baby steps,” as no one is naturally talented.

Let’s discuss about the best football Academies in world football in this thread.


My Choice is the famous La Masia Academy owned by FC Barcelona

The Catalan youth academy has produced World Cup winners, Champions League heroes and a five-time Ballon d’Or icon. Football academies exist at almost every club, particularly at the elite level, but few have built a reputation to rival that of Barcelona’s La Masia.

Former Barcelona player, coach and product of La Masia, Pep Guardiola, put it thus: “The player who has passed through La Masia has something different to the rest, it’s a plus that only comes from having competed in a Barcelona shirt from the time you were a child.”


Some Top talents produced in La masia.

Lionel Messi (in the mask), Cesc Fabregas (back row, second right) and Gerard Pique (back row, third left) are Barcelona youth products