Which is the Better European Football League?


In your opinion which League was better this season?
La Liga, Premier League, Champions League, Seria A, Ligue 1 or Bundesliga?

And your favourite Club within that League?


For me hands down it is English Premier league. You ask why? Answer is, when i watch a football league or when i watch football game i see it for its unpredictability not for it’s one sided games and premier league provides me that unpredictability that rush of blood and excitement in my veins which other leagues are unable to provide. I mean look at the kind of title races that English Premier league provides us, since 2012 we have seen 4 teams win the league title and teams such as Liverpool and Tottenham cannot be taken lightly.
Look at this season, just have a look at points table in la liga

No competion at all. Serie a has had just a single winner for 8 years now. Ligue 1 and Bundesliga are highly dominated by two clubs namely psg and bayern Munich. They have simply used their financial power to end all the competition. Now when we look at the table of epl

Just look at the cut throat competition. Liverpool and man City played in a league of their own but even the fight for top 4 was a treat to watch.

star power

Till last year it could have been simply stated that two of the world’s biggest star played in la liga. However when it comes to a star outside top 2 in la liga they are hard to spot, but still in star power la liga simply wins the race.

**squads **
Few of the world’s top players play in la liga and ligue 1, its a established fact but when it comes to other good players i think epl easily wins the race. Even a mid table team such as crystal palace has Wilfred zaha, who easily can be ranked in top 10 wingers in the world. Other than them eden hazard, Harry kane, aguero, pogba and a lot of other players who can arguably be rated as third best play in epl. The squad difference in epl is so low that anyone can defeat anyone. Even a team fighting a relegation battle might defeat a top 4 team an occurence which is a rare occurence in other leagues. James maddison, Ruben neves, joah Moutinho (hero of monaco title winning season) play for mid table clubs in epl.

**manager **
Rafael Benitez, pep Guardiola, sarri, Mourinho, Pochettino, klopp etc etc. Arguably all the top managers manage team playing in epl. Marcelo biesla a top manager is managing leeds United a team playing in tier 2 of English Premier league. That’s something which is amazing as no other league can boast of so many top managers.

So, when we take a sum of all these things. I think epl just might come out as a winner.

Ps. 4 English teams will be fighting for all the European honours this year on stake. I don’t think any other league in the world has the capability to repeat this feat as of now.

Pps. The team which wasn’t good enough to win the league title in England humiliated the Spanish champions, the team which finished 6th in English league defeated the French champions. And the winner of England was defeated by a team finishing 4 in the same league in ucl. Liverpool lost one game and yet finished 2nd. Tell me a league where so many other things are possible and tell me a league where so much uncertainty is present


Premier League without a doubt. Four teams in two European finals. What more evidence could you ask for?

Also, best title race in years. Midtable teams like Wolves, Leicester and Everton are stronger than ever now.


Hands down, Premier League is the best league competition for everyone who enjoys nail-biting and unpredictable football. One major factor. THE FANS! They can turn around the tables and win matches for you with just the vibe. We saw that happening at Anfield. Top managers, top players and top-level game. Not just that. The local derbies and rivalries are the real entertainment. 90 mins of pure action and there is no second thought that after this English domination in Europe this year all the players in the radar of transfers will look forward to compete against the best and shift their base to England. EPL is what makes my weekend special.


For parity and excitement, the best league is the English Premier league. For quality, the best league is the Spanish league, la Liga. Considering the competative nature of football, I would say definately English Premier League (EPL)is the best among lot.

EPL has some flaws and even though EPL clubs are not performing good in European competitions but the varied nature of teams and sheer uncertantaty make it best. Look at the league table every season and one would know.


EPL is the best league! No doubt.
EPL is the most competitive top division football in the world. The league has the top 6 giant clubs - Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United, All of them are great teams.

It’s the most unpredictable league of the world where even the bottom teams fighting relegation fight till the last game of the season to beat the top flight teams. And anyone can win it too.

Next in order, I think are:
La Liga
Seria A
Ligue 1


EPL is but La Liga captures fan following around the world like no other league. The league has quality players. Real Madrid and Barcelona dominated Champions League with combined 18 title wins.


La Liga is better in my opinion. In past 15 years, La Liga teams have consistently proved their dominance in Champions League and Europa League. However, it will be fair to say that La Liga has lost it’s charm after Ronaldo’s move to Juventus. The El Clasico rivalry were always entertaining to watch with Messi and Ronaldo leading their respective teams.