🤔 Which club will José Mourinho coach next?

Jose Mourinho finds himself unemployed once more, having been dismissed from his role at Roma despite guiding the team to success in the Conference League during his inaugural season. Now, with the Giallorossi positioned ninth in Serie A due to a string of poor results, the spotlight turns to Mourinho’s next destination.

Although his managerial prestige has suffered in recent years, his talent for instigating siege mentalities and captivating fans suggests he won’t be lacking in job opportunities.

In your own opinion, which club is more likely to secure the services of Jose Mourinho in the coming months?


The latest odds from Sky Bet indicate that Newcastle is the early favourite for Mourinho’s next club, with odds of 3/1. Crystal Palace is also being touted as a possible destination for Mourinho, with odds of 8/1. Other potential options include a move to the Saudi Pro League, a return to Porto, or a role with the U.S. Men’s National Team.

The struggles of some Premier League clubs, such as Newcastle and Crystal Palace, could make them more likely to consider hiring a high-profile manager like Mourinho.


The reasons behind the interest of Premier League clubs in hiring José Mourinho can be attributed to several factors:

  • Success: Mourinho is one of the most successful managers in football history, having won numerous trophies and competitions throughout his career. His track record of winning major tournaments and his ability to inspire teams make him an attractive option for clubs looking to improve their performance.

  • Experience: Mourinho has managed clubs in various countries, including Portugal, England, Spain, and Italy. His experience in different leagues and cultures could be beneficial for clubs looking to gain a competitive edge.

  • Marketability: Mourinho’s high-profile status and charisma could help clubs attract more fans and sponsors. His presence could also generate media attention and increase the club’s visibility.

  • Desire for a return to England: Mourinho has expressed his desire to return to coaching in England, specifically in London. This could make him more appealing to clubs in the Premier League, particularly those in the capital.

  • Availability: Mourinho is currently without a club after being sacked by Roma. This makes him an attractive option for clubs looking for a new manager, especially those with vacancies or struggling in the league.

Overall, the interest of Premier League clubs in hiring Mourinho is driven by his proven track record, experience, marketability, and availability.


The chances of José Mourinho being hired by Chelsea as their manager are:

Gambling.com- : Mourinho has odds of 2/1 to become the next Chelsea manager.

Football.London: Mourinho’s odds of becoming the next Chelsea manager have been slashed following his exit from AS Roma, but there is no specific mention of the odds.

The Sun: Mourinho has odds of 10/1 to become the next Chelsea manager.

BettingOdds: Mourinho has odds of 6/1 to become the next Chelsea manager.

GiveMeSport: Chelsea is listed as one of the eight clubs that could hire Mourinho, but there is no specific mention of the odds.


I am not seeing him joining Chelsea. I don’t think his next club would be a premier league club.


Jose Mourinho’s agent has reportedly confirmed that the 60-year-old is willing to take the job with Al-Shabab but on one condition.

According to the Spanish outlet AS, the Portuguese coach is engaged in discussions with Al Shabab regarding a potential new chapter for the former Real Madrid boss. Mourinho has been receiving offers from Saudi Arabia for some time now.

The report reveals that Mourinho turned down offers last summer due to “promises made to players” but expressed openness to a future venture in the Saudi Pro League.

Sports reporter Turki Alghamdi (via Daily Post) has now claimed that as per Jose Mourinho’s agent Jorge Mendes, the manager has agreed to join Al-Shabab, but with a single condition – the club must bring in ‘star names.’


Definitely not Chelsea, not even any club in the premier league, I think saudi pro league will need him, but am sure josé won’t go there


Hopefully he’ll take a national team, ideally Portugal. He needs some rest.


:rotating_light: Former Roma boss José Mourinho will not become the next manager of Napoli despite being linked with the job.

(Source: @Marca )


I don’t think he can coach Portugal