🚨 Which club is the most attractive to players in the Premier League?

Historically, clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea have had significant financial resources and global appeal, allowing them to attract top players and have a strong pull in the transfer market. These clubs have consistently been successful in the Premier League and have often been involved in high-profile transfers. However, the landscape of football can change over time and this topic have often generated a lot of debate amongst football fans all over the world.

Which club in your opinion is currently most attractive to players in the premier league?


Manchester City remains the most attractive project in the premier league to any footballer in my opinion. Currently the best team in the world with lots of world class players and also being managed by one of the richest owners in world football. And of course, there’s the Pep Guardiola factor. No player will pas the chance to play under one of the best managers the game has ever seen.