What's the hardest position to play in football? 🤔


Football features a wide variety of different positions, with each requiring a wild variety of skills to succeed. However, there are some positions that could prove to be difficult in their own different ways.

Which position in your own opinion is the most difficult?

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic.


In my opinion Central Midfielder:

Playing in the central midfield requires a diverse skill set. This position demands high stamina, tactical awareness, passing accuracy, vision, and defensive capabilities. Central midfielders need to be adept at both attacking and defending. They often act as the link between defense and attack, requiring them to cover a lot of ground and make split-second decisions. They are often involved in setting the tempo of the game too.


Goalkeeper is considered the hardest position in soccer due to its pressure. A goalkeeper is constantly under pressure compared to the other players, especially when the opponents are knocking on their half.


For me the hardest position to place in football is been a defender, either Left back, right back or centre back, defenders are really doing a great job, because he hope of the team depends on them.


I have special admiration for Goalkeepers. :raised_hands: In my opinion goalkeeping is one of the toughest positions if not the most challenging due to the immense pressure, split-second decisions, and unique skill set required. Goalkeepers must have exceptional reflexes, positioning, and the ability to anticipate and react swiftly to shots from various distances and angles.

The most strenuous part of goalkeeping is during penalty kicks. Penalty situations heavily favor the shooter because of the close range and lack of time for the goalkeeper to react. However, goalkeepers have to use various strategies to improve their chances of saving a penalty:

  1. Reading the shooter: Goalkeepers study the tendencies of penalty takers, observing their body language, past penalty kicks, and preferred sides to anticipate where they might shoot.
  2. Positioning: They try to position themselves in the center of the goal as much as possible, remaining agile to react to the shot in any direction.
  3. Mind games: Some goalkeepers engage in mind games by trying to distract or intimidate the penalty taker, through movement or by delaying their positioning on the goal line.
  4. Instinct and reflexes: When the shooter takes the penalty, the goalkeeper relies on quick reflexes and instinct to dive in the right direction or make a reactionary save.
  5. Psychology: Penalty shootouts involve a mental battle between the goalkeeper and the penalty taker. Goalkeepers need to stay focused, confident, and resilient, even if they concede a goal.

Success in saving penalties is a mix of skill, anticipation, luck, and psychology. It’s a challenging moment for goalkeepers as they have minimal time to react and must make split-second decisions to try and deny the opponent’s shot.

Argentina’s hero in the 2022 Qatar World Cup was goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez. Argentina’s incredible 2022 FIFA World Cup win against a seasoned team such as France can be partly credited to Martinez’s fantastic second penalty save taken by Kingsley Coman, which became the deciding factor in Argentina’s glorious win. The game finished at 3-3 after 90 minutes. What followed next for an additional 30 minutes was a thrilling display of talent as both the teams were awarded penalty kicks. Argentina scored on all four of their spot kicks while France’s second and third kicks were saved by Martinez.


I’ll go with the full backs!

Fullback is an extremely difficult position to play in today’s modern football. It not only requires pace and stamina to cover the flanks defensively and offensively, but also, right or left-backs need acceleration, speed, and spectacular crossing ability to successfully do their job.

To be an elite fullback, a player needs to have excellent marking and tackling skills, combined with the willingness to make clever, timely runs on their flank with or without the ball.

They are expected to be solid defensively and also have attacking returns at the other end of the pitch. That’s extremely difficult.