What more can we say about Cole Palmer this season? πŸ‘

What more can we say about Cole Palmer this season? :clap:


:england: Cole Palmer this season in all competitions:

:tshirt: 31 games
:soccer: 14 goals
:dart: 9 assists
:handshake: 23 G/A
:large_blue_circle: Chelsea & Manchester City

Cold! :cold_face:


Cole Palmer, a 21-year-old attacking midfielder and forward, has shown promising performance during the current season. He is known for his versatility, being able to play as an attacking midfielder, forward, and on the right wing.

His standout attributes include mesmerising ball manipulation, clinical finishing, and impressive passing range. He is a tricky, nippy ball carrier, with impressive dribbling skills, and his passing range is often delivering pinpoint through balls or incisive passes into the final third. Palmer’s shooting skills are already evident with his early goals for Chelsea, offering a potent offensive threat.

However, he still needs to refine his defensive work and physicality, which are areas that often require refining for young midfielders. While he is diligent in pressing opponents and tracking back, enhancing his defensive awareness will be vital for both him and the team. Building physical strength will help him withstand the rigours of Premier League football and compete against the seasoned players.

Overall, he is seen as a rising talent with the potential to make a significant contribution to Chelsea.


Cole Palmer having 21 G/A in 31 games in a struggling Chelsea side with no system needs to be spoken about WAY more.

He’s been one of the best signing of the summer.


How many goal involvements will Cole Palmer finish on this season? :face_exhaling:

Making great Impact


:england: Cole Palmer (21) for Chelsea in the Premier league this season:

:tshirt: 23 games
:soccer: 11 goals
:dart: 8 assists

Very impressive! :clap:t4::clap:t4::fire::fire::fire:


Cole Palmer has both scored and assisted in a Premier League match more times than any other player this season :gem: