What is wrong with Pakistan?

Pakistan is one of those team whose performance can never be predicted. They can be a world beater one day and on another day they can just bundle out like a minnow. However it was never this bad. For the past view they have lost a lot of games. 11 consecutive games. What is wrong with them? Is it their batting? Bowling or something else? Will they make a comeback?


In 1992, Pak’s First 5 matches L W NR L L with 3 matches to against Aus, SL, NZ. Then Imran said they are going to win the cup ( How serious he was, I am not sure), Nobody believed him.

Then, What they did is folklore.

Friends that’s Pakistan for you. They will lose when you least expect them to, They will win when you least expect them to.


Bad start for Pakistan but It’s too early to write them off. In the past they have lost opening matches and had a slow start but managed to come back stronger to win tournaments - 2017 Champions Trophy & 1992 World Cup. The team is very unpredictable.


I am talking mostly about their general form for the past few month. 11 consecutive losses are way too much for any team. And this is what I find problematic. I always say that one can never underestimate Pakistan. But I have never heard them losing 11 consecutive games ever.

Talk about unpredictability and this team doesn’t prove anyone wrong. Today was an extraordinary game between England and Pakistan. Unfortunately, centuries from Joe Root (107) and Jos Buttler (103) went in vain. #ENGvPAK