What is wrong with Barcelona?


Recently on this forum there was a thread about la masia.

While we were discussing the bad shape of la masia, la masia received another shocker today . The hottest prospect of la masia xavi Simon, who was being seen as the biggest superstars of the future has decided to end his career with Barcelona. The 16 year old has decided to move to PSG and was spotted in Paris. However, according to some insiders the agent of Xavi, the controversial mino Raiola also has a hand in this transfer. We will probably never know what happened. However, one thing which is clear is that Barca just might have lost their next messi. Who do you think should be blamed?



Xavi may not leave after all. The issue seems to be Xavi’s agent rather than Barca. The infamous Mino Raiola. Barca wants to negotiate with Xavi’s father, Regillio Simons, a former Dutch striker who coached young players at Ajax between 2013-2017.


Psg have announced his signing.


Also what i don’t like about la masia now is that this is the 3rd kid they lost in the last one month


For once, I do not blame the club about this departure. Xavi’s agent is Mino Raiola who is infamous for his money-hungry deals. Reliable reports suggested that Raiola wanted his client to skip Juvenil B and head straight to Juvenil A despite Simmons’ age being in the Juvenil B bracket. Aside from this, they also demanded huge money from the club. Agreeing to Simmons and his agent’s demands would set a bad precedent for the other youth players and cripples the system. Barcelona are better off without a Mino Raiola client at their club to brainwash its players.


Done Deal for Wonderkid!