What is the most important position on a soccer team?


Striker, midfielder, goalkeeper or defender? And who is your favorite player?

I think midfielder plays the most important role because if you control the midfield, you stand a good chance of winning the game.

These would be my all time favourite Central Midfielders who can Rip apart the opponents anytime anywhere :



Steven Gerrard




Kevin De Bruyne




I would definitely not fancy playing without a goalkeeper


The centerbacks.This partnership’s major focus is marking the opponent’s forwards and quelling any opposing attack.


You can’t imagine soccer without a good Goal keeper


@Dinesh_kumar who is your favorite player.


Defender and Goal keeper for sure. If defence is strong then atleast team will never lose a match.


True…its the defence that can win you matches


@Abhishek1 Midfielder has capability to create a chance of scoring a goal, also they can score a goal and defend too.


Yes indeed.But defensive position such as LWB and RWB can also play attacking football and the know the tactics to defend as well. And they can also create many chances of scoring goals.


whether its life or football… defence must be stronger… I love football


Definitely goalkeeper! The incredible reflex actions, the insane dives to save the goals, the ability to handle enormous amount of pressure during penalty shoot-outs…I think decide the fate of a team.

My favorites are Manuel Neuer & Buffon.