🤔 What is the most important position in Football?


Football is always regarded as a team game, but there are four key positions and one of those must be more important than the others.

The main category of positions includes The Goalkeeper, Defenders, Midfielders and the forwards.

Which of these positions in your opinion is the most important to the football team?

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A Goalkeeper

A goalkeeper is the last line of defense for any team. While goals are scored on entire defenses, a great goalie can bail out even a subpar defense a lot of times. Very few teams are successful without having a great goalie on their side.

This position is so important that it is the only one in soccer left that requires a specialist. They work with their own dedicated coaching staff, and entire teams are trying to scheme ways to figure out how to get the best of an opposing goalkeeper.



I am a big fan of goalkeepers. :goal_net: :star_struck: