What is the future for Barca midfielder Philippe Coutinho? Will he come back home?


Barcelona have agreed to loan out midfielder Coutinho and he may return to 4 Premier League clubs. As per latest updates, Coutinho has declined Tottenham side. Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal are all keen on signing Coutinho before today’s 5pm transfer deadline.

Who do you think is going to sign Philippe Coutinho?


I personally think that Coutinho will be in la liga this transfer window. If he gets transferred it won’t be in this transfer window. Manchester United can afford him and truly need him but I don’t see this happening tonight. Next transfer window maybe.


Coutinho may move to Ligue 1 and might sign with PSG, with rumors of Neymar switching back to Barcelona.

Neymar may however be headed to Real Madrid with the La Liga rivals wanting to grab him from moving to Barcelona.

I really don’t understand what’s the big deal with Neymar!! :roll_eyes:


I hope Coutinho stays at Barcelona. Watch this video guys - Coutinho, Neymar, Griezmann and more.


Coutinho had a mediocre season in his Spanish debut. But seeing the Copa America and his peak performances in the past for Liverpool the English clubs look interested to sign before today’s deadline. But according to me Coutinho will stay back at Barca. The massive transfer fee and the pressure in the first season was the reason for his downfall in his performance and he wasn’t given enough opportunities by Valvarde to prove his worth. He rejected the Supurs offer and he will definitely not go to United keeping in the mind the old rivalry with his earlier club, Liverpool. He’ll stay back in Barca and look find a place in the starting line-up until the January transfers.


If Liverpool bring him back, it’ll be the best deal of the summer from anyone !


“We don’t know what will happen” :man_shrugging:

That was Valverde’s take on the Coutinho situation… :thinking:


Barcelona are still looking actively to offload Coutinho and given their desperate pursuit of Neymar, it’s easy to see him end up at PSG since the Premier League transfer window is now closed.


Philippe Coutinho to Bayern Münich, here we go! Total agreement between Bayern and Barça after the Brazilian refused to be part of Neymar deal with PSG. :red_circle: #Coutinho #Bayern #Barça #transfers


After all EPL, La liga, Frecnch Ligue speculations… He lands at Bundesliga! What happened?!