What is the criteria for the induction in the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame?!


The ICC has laid down strict criteria for the induction into the elite ICC Cricket Hall Of Fame :

  • The honour is bestowed upon the legends in cricket’s history only 5 years after they have called it quits.

  • For a batsman to qualify, he should have recorded at least 8,000 runs and 20 100s in any of the two major formats (Tests and ODI) or should average over 50 in either.

  • Bowlers must have more than 200 wickets to their name in any one of the formats. However their strike-rate should be 50 in Tests and 30 in ODIs.

  • Stumpers may qualify if they have accounted for 200 dismissals in either or both the formats.

  • For Captain to qualify, a Captain must have led his / her side in at least 25 Tests and/or 100 ODIs with a win percentage of 50% or more in either or both.

Congratulations to the legend Rahul Dravid on the induction in the ICC Hall of Fame!


Men who do not boast of the records stipulated in the criteria can also be inducted into the Hall of Fame. ICC’s website says, “ If a person, team or institution does not fall within any of the above criteria, he, she or it can still be put forward by the Nominations Committee if, in the opinion of its members, he, she or it has had a fundamental effect on the history of the game (this criterion would also allow an eminent journalist, umpire, match referee or administrator to be nominated. It is also a sweep-up criterion if someone regarded as a great of the game does not fit into any of the above criteria) .”

This also opens up the possibility of the induction of players such as Mike Procter, Venkat Raghavan and Ranjisinhji, Umpires such as Dickie Bird, David Shepherd and Steve Bucknor, Esteemed cricket-writers such as Sir Neville Cardus and Peter Roebuck etc.