What is Manchester United doing? A change in transfer strategy?

So, there was a time after Sir Alex Ferguson left the club when Manchester United were looking to sign stars. Big stars such as thiago alacantra, Gareth bale etc etc were linked to the club. Then pogba, schwenstiger, martial, depay, sanchez and who not. United were looking to make a galacticos of their own in the red side of Manchester. However, this season has seen a change in their philosophy. They are targeting relatively unknown players. Signing of Daniel James, Aaron Van Bissaka were weird in the sense that Daniel has never played in the top tier whereas Aaron Van though a star of last season was a right winger just two years ago. Even the remaining touted targets of United are making a curious case. The sevilla striker Ben Yedder is no where near the quality of Lukaku or Rashford whereas Bruno Fernandes plays for Lisbon and will struggle in Premier league for sure. What brought this change to Manchester’s strategy? Why have they shifted their gear from galacticos or something which is unexplainable? Is it a positive sign or a negative sign? Is it the way forward or a way towards backwards?



Sensible and practical strategy. Hiring stars costs you. And if they fail to perform in your setup, it becomes disastrous. Stars are also prone to switch sides for a fatter paycheck.

Instead hiring good footballer and making them star is more pragmatic. You can inspire loyalty when you prepare them. It works for fan base too. And even if you have to let them go at one point, you get fat transfer fee with which you can buy more raw talent.

Anyways home grown talents have worked better for ManU. Giggs, Scholes, Beckham etc are bright shining examples.


Raw talent and age are the main aspects in this year’s transfer. Young talents are now looked to replace the stars who have under-performed quoting to their fat pay price. From Real Madrid to Barcelona to every A-tier team the investments are on players who have the potential to grow and change the team. Looking at the current transfers made by united the team will be full of fresh faces this season.