What has been the worst decision made by a premier league club this season?

Premier league this season is somehow interesting, big teams falling into defeat, if I may mention, Liverpool and Chelsea are not excluded from this, what has been the worst decision this premier league clubs made this season that made them what they are today.


I can say Liverpool as a team made a mistake by allowing sadio mane to leave the club, which cost them a lot in performing this season, Liverpool are currently in 9th position in the premier league and they are also out from the domestic cups like FA and Carabao cup.


Agree with you @Samuel

Liverpool struggling because of Mane

I’m a Liverpool fan and I didn’t need the league to start to know Liverpool will suffer without Mane, you don’t change a vital player from your winning starting 11 without being forced to and expect results to keep coming your way! - @KaihoRii

Liverpool and Sadio Mane is a clear explanation of the saying “you may not know the value of what you have until it’s gone.” - @BillionsUko

I’ve never seen a team struggle after losing one player like Liverpool have since losing Mane. - @OnTheHeadNews


Todd Boehly’s decision to Sack Thomas Tuchel and Replace him with Graham Potter is up there as of one of the worst decisions made by any club in the Premier League this season.

A Standard Sport poll received 10,000 responses and revealed that more than 70% of fans believe Chelsea made the wrong decision to sack Tuchel, days after the end of a record-breaking transfer window in which players such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang spoke of their excitement at working with the German.

His replacement, Graham Potter has since been struggling and under intense pressure since taking over the job from Tuchel and its yet to be seen if he’s anything close to being the man to take Chelsea forward.