What do you think of the new rule changes trialled at "Future of Football"? 'An experiment for FIFA'

The Future of Football Cup, a tournament in the Netherlands, is currently trialing:

:black_small_square: Two 30-minute halves
:black_small_square: Game clock stops when ball out of play
:black_small_square: Unlimited substitutions
:black_small_square: Throw-ins played with feet
:black_small_square: Yellow card 5 minute sin bin

FIFA are watching closely :eyes:


What do you think of this latest development being tried out by FIFA :eyes:


Stopping the clock when ball goes out, at time of substitution or if a player is injured is actually a good idea. Time wasting has only gotten worse and referees never add in the appropriate extra time.

Rest of them are utter crap and shouldn’t even be considered at all :smirk:


FIFA statement on rumours of trying new rules: “FIFA can confirm that there is currently no intention to trial any of the changes referred to in these reports, and that these changes have not been discussed either internally within FIFA or with our colleagues at The IFAB.”