What do you think of proposed saliva ban to shine cricket balls?

The ICC’s Cricket Committee this week proposed a prohibition on players using saliva to maintain the ball due to the risk of spreading the coronavirus. However, the use of sweat remains a legal option.

Pat Cummins has been vocal in raising concerns and has urged cricket’s lawmakers to sanction the use of an artificial substance such as wax to shine the ball.

What do you think of proposed saliva ban? And should alternative artificial options be considered?


I guess the ban would be temporary, and sweat should do for the time.


Australian manufacturer Kookaburra said it has developed a wax applicator that would allow cricket balls to be shined without using sweat or saliva.

The use of such a substance in matches would require a change to The Laws of Cricket, which explicitly says fielders must not use “artificial substances” to alter the condition of the ball.


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