What do you think of Nadal & Djokovic's performance at Monte-Carlo Masters 2019?


Nadal suffered a stunning 6-4 6-2 semi-final defeat to Italian world no 18 Fabio Fognini at the Monte Carlo Masters. Was Nadal not in good shape or Fabio played too well? Can’t believe Nadal losing in straight sets, that too a lopsided loss.

In a similar unexciting match, Djokovic lost 3-6, 6-4, 2-6 to Russian world no 15 Daniil Medvedev in the Monte Carlo Masters quarter-final on Friday.

Where was the fighting spirit of these legends that we are so used to watching. Wondering if these guys were taking it easy at Monte Carlo and saving their best for French Open…:thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

What do you think?


Nadal back from injury played a decent game in semi-finals but the Italian was well prepared with his tactics to stumble Nadal. But had Federer played in Monte Carlo this year he would win it easily. Djokovic looks out of form and is not the same old masterclass player he was couple of years ago.
Not neglecting these new giants who have proved themselves in ATP masters, the credit must also be shared with the team and crew who have worked on fitness and gameplan. It’s just unbelievable that the 2 favourites who were expected to clash in the finals couldn’t make their way. But things are entirely different in Grand slams as these seeded players save their best game for it.
Next up Madrid Masters. Let’s see how the 3 big names in Tennis perform or it would be end of an era.


You never know, In sports, any one can win on one’ day! Not fair to judge one loss!

A sportsman never wants to loose. Preceding masters are played for practice of winning, not loosing! :thinking:


Agree with you on ‘no one plays to lose’. But what struck me was both the players lost in straight sets / 3 sets with big margins. These are the iconic players who are in the same league as Federer and Agassi, who are known to play all 5 sets and turn the games around. But somehow they let go the games this time…maybe due to injury as @Yash mentioned or as you said, maybe this was a practice match for bigger titles. :slightly_smiling_face: