What do you think of Messi's potential TWO-YEAR BAN for his CONMEBOL corruption comments?


Messi could face a potential two year ban from international football following his comments after the Copa America play off game against Chile. Annoyed at refereeing decisions in the semi-final loss against hosts Brazil, Messi accused CONMEBOL federation and referees:
“We were meant for more but they didn’t let us be in the final. The corruption and the refs didn’t allow the people to enjoy and football is ruined.” “Brazil champions? No doubt. Sadly, I think the Copa is set up for Brazil.”


If Messi is banned , it would mean missing next summer’s Copa America on home soil, co hosted by Colombia and Argentina and missing Argentina’s World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

What do you think of this guys? Do you think Messi’s comments echo truth on the ground?


The Cup will be at loss in banning Messi, the most high profile player in the world. The tournament will lose a good chunk of revenue and sponsorship if they ban Messi who has a huge fan following all over the world.

I wouldn’t be surprised if what Messi is saying turns out to be true because South American countries are known for corruption in football for many years now.



Messi should be ban for his outburst. You are not bigger than FIFA… Respect the body that once gave you some undeserved MEDALS you cheered with.


When Messi finally gets the Ban, we are all going to support Argentina to win the next Copa America !:laughing::laughing::syringe:


The Red card which was given to him in the 38th min against Chili was surely not fair. The referees did everything to make sure Brazil the host country qualified for the finals. If they ban him they will be in loss for the 2020 Copa as it will be hosted by Argentina.


Where there’s smoke there’s fire! Actually comments coming from a player of his stature should be taken seriously and investigated. We all are aware of South American countries being the breeding ground of corruption for years now where football is not just a game but life and blood of the people.

Considering the commercials at stake, I doubt such ban will be imposed on the world’s most loved footballer.


Messi is a great player no doubt. But no player is better than the organisation. I haven’t been a fan of messi in international games. A retirement, various comments which were unexpected and bad performance. Also when we see this year’s copa, messi’s performance was as bad as it possibly can be. 1 goal and 1 assists in the complete tournament. Also Argentina as a team has been struggling for a while now, how can he make such comments. Such imagine virat staying that icc conspired against them so that the England could win the Cup. Super against the game of spirits. Messi definitely deserves to get banned, not only from international football but from football as a whole and all his records should be deleted. All his worth should be taken away from him, freeze his bank accounts, make him learn what he was. He might learn something after all these strict steps.


Messi is not famous in Argentina. Even Carlos Tevez is more popular than messi. A player whose own country doesn’t support him can’t be a decent player for sure. He is a cheat and cry baby. Who cried out of frustration. Just waiting for him to announce his retirement now.


Just look at the match highlights and decide for yourself whether a VAR and red card was needed. At best a yellow card to Messi and definitely a red card to Medel.


Lionel Messi has been suspended from international matches with Argentina for three months because of accusations of corruption he made at the Copa America.


One can only sense as to why Leo Messi cam out lashing after Argentina crashed out of the Copa America. He’s been an absolute winner for club football, as he’s claimed each and every trophy out there from a collective units perspective as well as an individual. But the missing piece in the puzzle will always be the inability to win his nation an international trophy in spite of several star players present in Argentina. The problem in today’s day and age is the cut throat competition between players. When Ronaldo was unable to win Ballon D Or’s for Real Madrid, people starting slating him as second best, since Messi won consecutive awards. Now it’s vice-versa, with Ronaldo winning the the Euro and the Ueafa Nations League, while Leo Messi still has to wait to get his hand on silverware for Argentina. Such instances, especially when your very own side crashes out leads to frustration, and the outburst was clearly seen by one and all. I’m pretty sure if Messi had won an international trophy before the recently concluded Copa America, he could have possibly held his nerves