What do you think of Juventus strategy in transfer market?

Juventus has been making quite a few changes in their team. Selling moise kean, now exchanging Dybala for pogba meanwhile also looking to offload mandzukic. Since the arrival of Ronaldo and more importantly Sarri as a manager this season Paulo Dybala who was once the poster boy of Juventus and even today is the second best player in Argentina is being heavily sidelined which many may refer is outrageous on their part. Also a straight swap deal with Lukaku for pogba is also not making any sense as Dybala though coming out of a bad season is still one of the top players in the world. Also one thing which people often ignore is that though he had a bad season but he played out of position at right wing last season which isn’t his preferred situation. Also Lukaku the players they want to sign is pretty similar to Mandzukic who they are offloading to United at a petty sum of 10-15 millions. Is their transfer approach making any sense? What do you guys think?


As per reports Dybala is not too happy with the swap deal and move to Manchester United but Ronaldo has encouraged Dybala to make the move to his previous club where he had become a Champion.

Cancello is on his way to Man City, while Dybala might just go to Man Utd to make way for Lukaku at Juve. They’ve bough quite a lot of players in the past two seasons, and with Ronaldo now being the star man of attack, the team will indefinitely be built around him. For Sarri, Dybala might not be the right individual to go for counter attacking football, but Lukaku with his strength and speed can surely cause problems for defenders in Italy. I feel, that they are doing smart business, because once you buy players you clearly have to let go off some existing ones in order to clear the wage table to an extent.

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Hmm. But changing the complete team just because of a new manager. Is that correct? Plus is Dybala really only 60 million worth?

I think Juventus have lost it in the transfer market this year. Swapping Dybala with another immobile number 9 (they have Mandzukic and Higuain) in Lukaku makes absolutely no sense. And neither does shipping off Joao Cancelo who was one of the best attacking right-backs in Europe last season for Danilo who is average at best. Worse still, they have sold their talented youth product Moise Kean who showed immense potential last season. Juventus’ transfer policy aside from the acquisition of Matthijs de Ligt has been a joke this year.

Except the signing of De Ligt I don’t think they have made this a great transfer season. Ronaldo now desperately wants to win CL and he has made the management build a team according to his preferences. But this is football, and Juventus despite spending a handsome amount of money will suffer due to team co-ordination. Dybala is great talent and if they make a swap deal with united for Lukaku they’ll be the ultimate losers. Swap with pogba plus some money would sound good but Lukaku is a great deal for United and they desperately want someone to fill that position. Selling Moise Kean to Everton who had a great season last year actually makes no sense too. Let’s see How ‘Sarri Ball’ works in Turin.