What are the rules of fair play?

Japan & Senegal, both finished the Group stage with equal points, yet Japan advanced to Round 16 of World Cup 2018 based on fair play. How is the decision taken?



In the group stage matches, Japan had got four yellow cards while Senegal got six. So, when two teams have identical points, the team that has fewer number of yellow & red cards in the tournament moves to the next round by virtue of having a better disciplinary record. Japan advanced to Round 16 while Senegal got eliminated based on fair play.

Rules for deciding fair play points:
-1 point for a yellow card
-3 points for an indirect red card (player gets two yellows)
-4 points for a straight red card
-5 points for a yellow card, then a straight red card


I knew the fair play was decided by the number of cards but was not aware of the points for each of the fouls. Thanks for sharing the rules for fair play points.

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