What are the qualifications required to participate in the Paris-Brest-Paris Cycling event?

Recently Lieutenant General Anil Puri achieved a feat which can be thought as humanly impossible by many. 56-year-old General Puri has become the first serving Lieutenant General rank officer of the Indian Army to complete France’s oldest cycling event, cycling 1200 kms non-stop for 90 hours completing the Paris-Brest-Paris circuit.

Can someone share the details of the Paris-Brest-Paris event? What are the qualifications required to participate in this race? And are there other Indians who have completed this race before?


Amazing achievement of Lieutenant General Anil Puri! :medal_military:
Cycling 1200 kms non-stop for 90 hours is really exceptional. Looks like the military training made it possible to cycle without sleep.

A total of 324 Indians took part in the PBP 2019 but only 71 could complete the long ride.

Two cyclists from UP, Abhinav Kumar Singh of Lucknow and Manish Mishra of Prayagraj completed the 2019 race.

Abhinav is a 36-year-old businessman and mountaineer and Manish is a 42-year-old senior auditor who works in the office of the accountant general, Prayagraj.

Rajasthan’s Renu Singhi completed the 1200 km circuit in 92 hours. 54 year old Renu is a bicycle enthusiast wo has pedalled more than 6,000kms in last 3 years. She plans to next participate in London-Edinburg-London 1450km racing event.


Amrita Ranjan and Prabhat Ranjan, the first-ever Indian couple to take part in the PBP had to quit after 500 Kms when Prabhat suffered from severe throat infection.