Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, Indian cricketers reveal Jersey numbers on new Test kit. Do you welcome this change?

As Team India start their journey in the World Test Championship against West Indies tomorrow, Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, Ajinkya Rahane and other Indian cricketers reveal jersey numbers on new Test kit.

The introduction of having numbers behind the Test jerseys has been criticized by several former players.

What do you think? Are you in the camp of what’s the big deal, it’s just a jersey. Or do you feel it was an unnecessary change?


The numbers on the Jerseys won’t affect the game in any way, so why not?! ICC is trying to popularize test match among the youth. So, change is good.

Started with Ashes 2019, where England and Australia were the first ones to show their jerseys.


Looks good to me. Even New Zealand donned their new jersey against Sri Lanka.


Not a big deal but some of the ex-players did not like this change.

Brett Lee : “For what it’s worth I’m strongly against the players’ numbers & names appearing on the back of test cricket shirts! I think it looks ridiculous.”

Adam Gilchrist tweeted: “Sorry to sound old fashioned but not liking the names and numbers.”

I think jersey number alone is not going to popularize the test matches. ICC needs to think of better long term ways to attract younger crowds.


I don’t even understand how is this gonna affect the game. Also if this isn’t affecting the game, why is this even a topic for discussion / argument.

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Not to affect the game for sure. Will help commentators/viewers to identify player with ease.

A change is always worrisome for traditionalists. But, we need to move with times.

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