Vintage Photo Quiz!


Challenge for all cricket Buffs! Identify 1-8!


4th from left: Sunil Gavaskar


Nice to see old generation of cricketers
4th: Sunil Gavaskar
5th: Ravi Shastri


1st: Ajit Wadekar, former India captain


6th from right: Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan

He captained the Indian cricket team at the first two cricket world cups, and later became an umpire on the elite International Cricket Council Test panel. His Test career was one of the longest for any Indian player.


5th is not Ravi, although he coached India once. :grinning:


Sunny & Venkat are easy. Wadekar is No 3. I wonder why no one recognized Vishi & Chandrashekhar?! :thinking:

The challenge is 5 & 8. I don’t expect 7 to be identify directly.


5th: Madan Lal :thinking:


Yes! Bravo! :grinning:


7th: Former Bengal captain: Gopal Bose


Bravo! I also believe him to be G Bose. Spectacles are a give away! :grinning:


Is it right? ? ? ?..


What is right? :thinking:


1 Vishy
2 Chandrashekhar
3 Wadekar
4 Sunny
5 Madanlal
6 Venkatraghavan
7 Gopal Bose
8 Someone from Karnataka but not a Kannadiga I guess!


Wow! What a picture! The players look more like business executives or CID officers. Only the cricket bat giving away the look.:sweat_smile:

I could identify sure shot Gavaskar but most of them kept me wondering! :face_with_monocle::thinking:


Come on guys, Who is going to get No 8?


8th: Brijesh Patel but he is from Vadodara


But, He was brought up in Bangalore and played for Karnataka.