Unique Football Trivia

One can post Unique football trivia and stats…

Inter Milan’s back-up goalkeeper, Tommaso Berni, has two unique distinctions.

  1. He has been sent off twice despite not setting foot on a pitch in a match.

  2. He is a back-up goalkeeper at Inter Milan but hasn’t played even a minute for them since signing from Torino in 2014.


Manchester United have set a new record for the most FA Cup semi-final appearances (30), one ahead of Arsenal (29) after Saturday’s win against Norwich City. Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea round up top 5 with 26, 24 and 23 appearances each.

Both ManU and Arsenal have 20 of their SF. Arsenal have emerged winner of FA cup record 13 times. ManU are one step behind with 12 Cup wins.


Romelu Lukaku is the first Inter player to score 20+ goals in their first 30 Serie A games since Ronaldo in 1998!

It’s baffling how he can look so incapable and out of place stumbling around the pitch, yet he is one of the most consistent goal scorers out there.