Ultimate (Flying Disc or Frisbee)- A Breathtaking Sport That is Popularizing in the US

Flying Disc or a Frisbee, I guess everyone might be well aware of this. But, how exciting will it be to watch a team of 7 players each battling it hard to reach from one to end to the other to score a goal? Just like Rugby or football but the object is a ‘Flying Frisbee’ that the players pass. Yes, this is North America’s fastest-growing sport and its called ‘Ultimate

A point is scored when one team catches the disc in the opposing team’s end zone. The sport is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is eligible for the 2024 Olympics. There are many semi-professional leagues like the American Ultimate Disc League in North America.

It is an immensely fast and accurate game.

Watch a glimpse of this amazing game in the video below.