Trip to Spain and Trekking

I am planning a trip to Spain in late May. Though I will visit Barcelona, Madrid, and Canary Islands, I am having a second thought too, like trekking in either San Jeremi Summit or Pico del Teide. Has anyone hiked Sant Jeroni or explored Pico del Teide?


Are you planning Solo on your trip? I’d recommend squeezing in a climb of Montserrat instead of Sant Jeroni for better views.

As for Teide, I hiked it a few years ago and it was absolutely breathtaking. The terrain is volcanic rock at high altitude so it’s physically demanding but the summit view of Tenerife makes it worth it. Go early to miss crowds/afternoon clouds.

Both would be great experiences. Teide is more iconic, but Montserrat is easier to reach from Barcelona for a memorable day trip.


Finally, I’ve got a reply. Thanks for the advice! I’m leaning towards Montserrat now for the convenience and the views. Teide sounds amazing, but might be a bit much for this trip. I appreciate your insights. And yes, I’m planning a solo trip. Btw, though I have a guide and he planned my itinerary, do you recommend something offbeat over there?


Yeah, I also agree Teide might be a bit much for your trip. You are welcome by the way. Yes, as a solo traveler I recommend you to get guide it’s very convenient and less hassle. where did you get your guide? and how many days are you planning? I could recommend you Park Guell it is less crowded than Sagrada familia and Rent a bike along the beach path and Wander Barcelona’s Gothic at night. and I forgot the rest :joy: :joy: but surely, you will enjoy there.


A picture of Sagrada Familia will be Instagram worthy, you know :wink: I will be there for 12 days. I got my guide from Spain Private Tours & Local Tour Guides | GoWithGuide. By the way, do you recommend any local must-try foods?


ohh, 12 days is a long trip you will probably enjoy your time there. Seems like a good travel tours just make sure to keep in touch with your guide.I tried there churros, Paella and Tapas those are the local food I did tried and it was so good!! Hope you could try it when you visited there and pack one for me. :joy: