Tokyo Olympic Postponed

Tokyo olympic is pushed back to 2021 due to current global pandemic coming out of Wuhan, China. New dates are 23 July 2021 – 8 August 2021. The Olympics will still be called Tokyo 2020.

The Paralympic Games are rescheduled to 24 August and 5 September, 2021.

It is confirmed that all athletes already qualified and quota places already assigned will remain unchanged.

It’s also confirmed that Purchased tickets would be valid for rescheduled events or a refund could be requested.


Came across this interesting piece of history of Olympics and connection with Japan. This is the second time, Olympics have been rescheduled / cancelled in Japan.

The 1940 Summer Olympics , were originally scheduled to be held from September 21 to October 6, 1940, in Tokyo, Japan. But this honour was subsequently passed to Helsinki, Finland because of Japan’s invasion of China. The games were rescheduled to be held in Helsinki from July 20 to August 4, 1940. However, these were cancelled too due to the outbreak of World War II.

Helsinki eventually hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics and Tokyo the1964 Summer Olympics.