THe Greatest Bowler Ever!

This is a1948 short film “Bowling Tricks” featuring the game’s best trick shot artist Andy Varipapa and his array of unbelievable bowling tricks.


Andrew Varipapa popularized the game of Bowling with his trick shots. He is considered as a top bowler of the twentieth century. Varipapa’s spectacular career included many highlights, as well as a starring role in the first bowling film, Strikes and Spares (1934)

Varipapa averaged 184 points for thirty-eight years in American Bowling Congress tournaments and racked up a Master 54-game, 190-point average. By appearing on television he made the public aware of bowling. He ran international bowling clinics and established successful nationwide tours.

At age seventy-eight Varipapa was plagued by painful wrist and arm problems. So he switched to left-handed bowling and averaged 180 points within eighteen months.


Amazing tricks! :innocent:

The zig zag, deflect and rebound tricks were very impressive - a rare talent! :100: :star_struck: